It’s hard to let go

It’s harder to go

You can’t move

The point where you stand is coordinate-less 

You’re lost

You look for circles to reach with a tangent

But you realise you’re already in a circle, still, coordinate-less

There’s no one around you for about a few miles.

And still you see infinite people

Oh so tiny, that you can’t count them.

They’re all away but equally far away

You can’t see, but you know, that they’re staring deep into your eyes.

You keep turning and find that nobody is moving.

They’re all waiting for you.

You are the centre of the circle

You have to rise

You have to lead them

Now that you can’t go you have to let go 

of all the fears and negative thoughts

Step up and express 

Who you are and who you want to be

Because now’s the time

Now’s the time for you. 

-R Dhanushikka✨


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