Role model 

There was a day I looked into the mirror

 With those millions of thoughts flowing rapidly in my mind

I opened my eyes more and watched closely

Yes! I knew it, right then, who my role model is.

You may say that I’m foolish to think that a mirror image is my role model.

But no. I’m sorry. You got the wrong idea.

I said I knew who my role model was not ‘I saw’ who my role model was.

But there is some truth behind what you thought.

My role model is me. But the me who is standing in front of the mirror. 

The ‘me’ behind is the one who has to learn to be like the one in front.

Who just follows the one in front

I wanted to follow myself. But the better version of myself 

And the better version can only be implemented on the one in front.

– R Dhanushikka✨

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