They called me a liar, because I lied to make them happy

Then they asked me to be honest,

Only to be regarded as sharp-tongued later

When I gave my opinion, they passed gossips that I judged a lot

I became a fighter, when I tried to argue my stance

When I became patient out of choice, they considered me to be useless

They called me a stalker, when I tried to participate in their activities

When I stopped, they called me lazy

When I ate more food to gain weight, they cursed me because I remained puny

When I stopped being voracious, they scolded me, because they thought I was dieting

When I shared my happy times, they tagged me as a show off.

When I stopped, they called me secretive

When I fell sick, they thought I was pretending

But when I  was hearty, they wished I fall sick.

When I ignored them, they called me jealous

When I out did them, they called me a wannabe

There was nothing I could do.

I decided to smile-it-out, deaf-ear-it-out and blind-eye-it-out

I didn’t bother to see if it worked because I was busy doing those three things that I lost their opinions in the air

And suddenly everything seemed fair

It is to what extent you care,

That decides the pleasantness of the world you share.

–  R Dhanushikka✨


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