Chennai Floods

It’s only been 4 weeks since terrible floods struck Chennai and other coastal regions of Tamil Nadu. It rained like this after almost 100 years, they say. In some areas the height of the water had reached about 20ft; many lakes and river overflowed and their concrete embankments (very few rivers had embankments) were in the verge of breaking. About 200 people lost their lives and some deaths went unnoticed. Water Logging everywhere, frequent power cuts, no stable, mobile networks, livelihoods destroyed, children roaming homeless, hopes shattered, dreams popped. The economy overall faced a loss of around $20 Billion. Diseases are now prevailing in the aftermath of the disaster. Not to complain, the youngsters of the city took active part in the relief work, which was much appreciated by people throughout the world. Schools and other institutions opened doors for the refugees to stay. The Army had also contributed majorly to the relief work. Many well settled people funded for the activity. 
So, now everyone’s blaming the nature.. Is it? 

Before you think of blaming it. Think of the ways by which the severity could have been reduced. Just go out of your house and look around; you’ll find answers! 
1) Rivers and lakes had initially lost their battle with the people because the water bodies lacked water for the past few years, during which, people had man power and building materials and they took up the water bodies’ homes. Now the water bodies got their power and they over threw you. No wonder water entered your houses! It was obvious, not unexpected. Whosever house is near the lake side and river side, you have clearly contributed to the worsening of the flood and affected innocent people. 


PLASTIC BAGS!! Wherever there’s water there’s a high concentration of plastics bags. They are just everywhere. People are not educated about the harmful effects of plastic bags. You may think, “how is one person not using plastic bags going to stop the whole flood?”. Well, there’s probably one water outlet that has been blocked because of the single cover you disposed, and because of that one outlet your whole area is flooded. Please start preaching to ban plastic covers. 

3) You could’ve at least prevented some unpleasant smells by disposing you waste properly instead of throwing it into the water bodies and open plots. 

4)Roads over roads over roads: The local government only lays the road on top of the previous roads. So now that roads became higher and the doorstep coincides with the road, water entered your house. 

5) Prank Freaks : Many people prank called the radio stations saying they have supplies to aid the refugees. Please! If prank is all you want to play at this critical time, just jump off a cliff! 


Now, even after this heavy rain, all the water has drained in the sea. And the citizens of this place are going to suffer drought as per the cycle next summer too. 😦 

So, stop blaming the government for everything. Although the government can be held responsible for a few mismanagements, you are a part of it too. You too contributed for the flood.
So corruption is not the reason for all this. It’s your attitude too. 

My sincere prayers to people affected in the flood. May God resuscitate this place as fast as he could. 
– R Dhanushikka✨

PS: Featured image is from the Internet. Other images are the ones captured by me. 


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