Loneliness – It doesn’t kill you all the time

Loneliness is my best friend. I’m better off when I’m lonely. I somehow managed to put up with loneliness and I think it loves me more than any biological structure. It’s so possessive that when I get distracted by someone, it somehow controls their mood and gets them away from me. I always wonder why it doesn’t control my mood and always attacks the one I’m distracted to. Maybe it doesn’t have power over me? Or maybe I’m just too strong for it to control? Or maybe it loves me so much that it wants me to be myself but always be with it? Does it know I’m not happy with it? Maybe it assumed my ‘I’m-used-to-it’ feeling as a feeling of friendship? 

But down the line, I think loneliness has made me a better person. It gave me so much time to think about my personal life, gave me all the space I needed which I would never get from a biological composition. It made me improve my writing skills and it helped me concentrate in my studies. It made me a lot mature, which I wouldn’t be when I’m around with any mixture of biological ingredients.

But…. incase you meet loneliness.. please pass on this letter to it.
Dear Loneliness,
I request you to please try to understand. I do know that you helped me a lot but I certainly need a break from you. I do know that you made me mature, but,  I can portray that maturity only when you don’t accompany me. All that skills you built in me is useful only when you’re not there. I want you but I don’t want you. I want you with me but I think you should know your limits. Let’s become just-friends from best friends. Even now, all these are coming out of me because of you. I’m fed up.
Thank you so much for the skills you inculcated in me . I love you a lot! But.. you’re a necessary EVIL. Sorry!
PS: Featured image is from google.
-R Dhanushikka

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