Mindset deals with reality

Yes! I’ve come into this whole new world,

This is so exhilarating, my hair is all curled
Oh yeah, I’m starting to walk and talk
And I learnt to say everything from cylindrical block to alarm clock
“Oh mate!” I realize, “how much fun it is to be here?
I’m feeling free just like a buccaneer”
“Oh blow!” He says “Don’t you know?
At one point of time, this freedom will disappear.
And you’d wish you don’t grow.”
That daunts me. Bringing me nightmares about the future.
I feared I’ll suffer more pain and torture.
Questions arose in my mind,
With the solutions undefined.
As days passed, I started facing the vicious part of the domain.
Which resulted in delivering more fear and pain.
Oh! There ain’t any wish granting people here like in fairy tales.
Then why do they give such wrong details
Someone help me!
“Have courage” said the old lady.
I decided to give it a thought.
And I did give it a shot.
Maybe it works, hope it does.
I tried to include it in my daily buzz.
Problems arrived and I convinced myself to have courage.
She was right, the lady from the old age.
It really works.
Then I went around telling everyone.
To embody courage which works in the long run
So that’s how men survived on this planet
Courage was their preset.
-R Dhanushikka
PS: Featured image is from google

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