My reaction to the Patidars’ reservation demand in India 

I’m guessing that the Patidars started this to make the govt realize that it can’t extend reservation and hence has to minimise the current reservation system.  Especially while considering the educational standards at present, we can see that justice is not done to general caste students even if they manage to score comparatively higher marks. We surely cannot eliminate caste-system in such a big country even if 70% or more people wish to do so. My suggestion is, instead of reserving seats for socially backward classes, the govt could actually provide them with better primary educational opportunities and reduce their fees whenever and wherever possible, so that the competition related to talent is not messed up. I’m sure intelligent people can create themselves an identity without reservation. 

By primary education I meant till grade 12. Later, it’s the real world competition. Getting into colleges like IITs and NITs for general category students right now, is like getting blood out of stone. According to me 50% of the reason why Indians go abroad for higher studies or work is to escape from the reservation system, this in turn is causing damage to the country and again people are blamed for that. The govt has to first get down and analyse the problems faced by people irrespective of their castes or creed.
 And for how long can we keep blaming the past, what has happened has happened. We have to look for ways to spread communal harmony and not keep replaying the same historical blames.
-R Dhanushikka

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