My love for Infinity


When I was in grade 3, I thought infinity was the last number of the number system. I felt really omniscient when someone among my friends asked me the last number and I replied saying it is infinity. But as I grew up, probably I was in 5th grade, I learnt that infinity wasn’t the last number but presumably the last number, that is, it is just taken as the last number but you can still go on. Later I developed an understanding for the word as something that goes on without an end. Infinity in my dictionary started to mean ‘forever’. It was that season that I was watching this TV show named revenge when the protagonist’s dad tells her that he loves her infinity times infinity, then I wondered how eternal that sounded. Then I watched TFIOS, which has this famous SOME INFINITIES ARE BIGGER THAN OTHERS dialogue. The explanation given by her for that line was very very impressive. What a goosebumps-moment that was! Thank John Green for that. Then on, whenever I heard the word infinity it gave me a secret joy, the feeling that everything’s mine. I still remember last summer, when I visited Niagara Falls, that moment is the best till date for me and I would describe that instantaneous feeling to be infinite, I felt like I wanted to live my life for the sake of visiting Niagara Falls another time in my life. So infinity basically means eternity to me.


-R Dhanushikka✨


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