Career confusion? Oh yes! Lot of it in me. 

New school, new friends, missing my old school friends though. Entering 11th grade is a great deal, it includes not just the extra stress and double syllabus but also a time to take charge of your life and decide your career. Once I got introduced to my new classmates, the immediate question they put to me is ‘what is your ambition?’ THERE! They get me thinking, making me worry that I haven’t decided anything about my life and thus bringing in more confusion to my already-confused life. And I reply “…..dude! Don’t ask me that question ya!”, making myself seem like a careless human being. Then I go home that evening, do more research, get more confused, and end up discussing with mom who says “you still have time for that” and I cheer up. Next day my old school friend calls me and suddenly we go into a deep discussion from nowhere regarding careers, once again adding more confusion and making me doubt myself if I’ll ever succeed in life AND THIS CYCLE CONTINUES. And I’m still thinking, even now. So I’ve actually found a temporary solution, which is to divert myself in some other topic whenever I think about career. This would continue until I finish 11th grade, after which I could identify the subject in which I’m good at. Now I’m sharing this expecting some different solutions to my problem. You are strongly encouraged to give me suggestions. Thanks! 😉

PS: Featured image is from Google images.


-R Dhanushikka✨


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