Try again !

When life gives a second chance…, why say no? Regretting is not the solution for your problems. Once you fail, try again. I know I sound exactly like others who say “don’t give up!”, but I just understood that the ones who say these hackneyed words are the ones who have realized its importance, the meaning of those words in depth. For instance, take Temple run or Subway Surfers or any other video game for that matter, when your player dies in that game, wouldn’t you retry? When you don’t want your player to lose his life or to fail his objective, why do you want give up in yourself in the reality? Deep down, within yourself, you’re not playing for the sake of fun but for the sake of winning, just don’t deny this fact. When victory in the game would give you that happiness, just imagine how happiness you’d get if you win the reality? So keep trying again and again. You may be be lazy sometimes but that’s not gonna work in the long run. When life becomes too easy, it becomes BORING. That’s why holidays seem boring to most of them. You would be excited till the day holidays start so that you’d be able to have freedom, but as soon as it starts, you’re gonna be bored of being granted all the privileges. So making everything easy is also not fun. Deal with everything and make your life more interesting. When things get complicated, it get more interesting , just like how biology becomes more diverse when it comes to complicated human structures. So, if you fail, try again. Life is all about trying again. If you had stopped trying to walk when fell for the first time, you wouldn’t be able to run today. You’ve got this whole life to keep trying. So take stress positively and try just like how I’m trying to think of more ideas for blog posts and I finally came up with one and I’m now up at 11:54 PM with just 1% charge, writing this. And Yay! I did it!IMG_3819


-R Dhanushikka✨


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