Your Turn To Make The Choice

Every person needs to take day off. So he can just be himself and not worry about the past or the upcoming matters. I create a forget-the-world situation for myself. For me, a day off would mean, getting a good sleep (or even over-sleeping), you may think that I’m wasting time by sleeping, but for me, that is the only thing I’m deprived of. It doesn’t mean that during vacations, all I do is nothing but sleeping, but I just give myself some time to take adequate rest. During school days, when there is comparatively more pressure in school, I would want to escape the world for a day. But it doesn’t work, not that you can’t escape this world for a day, or, not that you have to face increased pressure after that day, it’s just that, you don’t have anything else to do apart from the present world. You might wanna social network by escaping, you think it’s easy and fun, but for how long will you keep social networking..? Don’t you realise it’s just a fantasy that you’re living in..? So I try to convince myself saying this is the only path I have and I’m only left with the choice between getting a good name or a bad name. So I obviously chose the former. That is the best of all the happiness in your life. Once you start realising the need for you to do it or the interest you have in doing it, pressure would no longer have that name, because you’re gonna do what you love to do, what you’re determined to do.


-R Dhanushikka✨


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