The Story Of My Life

I was made in a very large industry. Unlike humans I wasn’t grown but my organs were assembled. The very first human I saw was a worker in the industry where I was made. There were many other workers too… They plugged too many wires into me and inserted many softwares. When I was all set, a man took me to the lab and tested me, successfully I passed the test, then I was shipped to another place and after a  long and tired journey, I was placed in a shop, I was called Dell there.. Finally, I was purchased and was adopted by a family. My owner’s name was Dash. At first we weren’t much aware of each other, only her father used to take my help, but later she started taking my help. After a few months, my family moved to another place.., but me and Dash became inseparable. Even in the presence of my fore-father (computer), Dash only took my help. Sometimes she connects me to a printer and sometimes a small data card. Of course, she feeds me a lot of electronic food as well as human food (cuz she spills her food). Her favorite quality in me was PowerPoint, that is how I impressed her. As she grew she also started to search in me too. She studies from me, she also uses a a lot of Facebook! Apart from us both there was another friend too, and that was the bed. We three were best friends forever. She downloads a lot of songs and I try to adjust my memory in order to give her songs some space, and the worst part was my Local Disk :C was overflowing but I still managed to work to maintain our friendship. She started to feed me more electronic food , and excessive food caused an organ damage in me. Ever since, I didn’t have much stamina and I get blacked-out in no more than half-an-hour. I really didn’t want to hurt her by doing this but this is a heavy damage.

It is then that my enemy took over, he was adopted from the orphanage known as Apple and he was called iPad. I then hibernated for a few months. One fine day, I was taken to a place and my damaged organ was replaced and all my memory was erased. I was very happy to be back into my life but soon as I came home, I had no proper welcome, because by the time I got renewed Dash started using the iPad, she regarded that to be her best friend and had all the data stored in that. I felt very bad to have a memory loss, but Dash will never be erased from my memory…!

-Dell Laptop


-R Dhanushikka✨


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