Study time, High time

Being an Indian student I know how difficult it is to study, especially theoretical subjects. Well by now, I’ve found out some tricks to study. Look, everything is not a cup of tea, okay ? You need to put in some hard work. Whatever you do, at some point hard work is necessary. Whether you play a video game or you’re making a paper boat, hard work is necessary. So when you’re studying you gotta be determined to achieve your target. Interest in the subject is one basic thing. But trust me, I HATE SOCIAL, yet I managed to score more than 80%. When I talk about interest, it’s not just interest in the subject, it’s the interest to finish off the subject.

1) Make a time-table and please FOLLOW IT. Plan what to finish and when to finish. Not that I’m telling you to study 24×7 , take break, long breaks, but when you study, do it with concentration.  

(If you’re not the time-table-following person, next one would help you, it helped me a lot)

2) Set short term goals : This is the reason for my interest. What I do is select a chapter, then set a time limit. If I finish the goal, I’d award myself with sometime of Whatsapp. So do the same, finish your target just so that you award yourself with something you love. You could possibly finish a chapter, and munch two Sneaker bars. It really works.

3) Write, write and write : My friend gave me this idea. It worked for me in Social. Some subjects are too boring, but it requires you to memorise the whole thing. To excel in such subject, you’ve gotta work really hard. First, take a page, read it once with concentration. Then write down what you’ve understood or remember. Now read what you’ve written and read the text again. Now copy down the stuff that you’ve left off. (Write it in short clues, not the whole sentence) now read what you’ve written two times and write it down two times without seeing. Now read the text once. Done. You would’ve surely got it memorised. This works for slow learners.

4) Tough time remembering formulas? There’s a solution. Write down the formula somewhere where you see regularly. In my case, I stuck it on my iPad cover and it worked. In 3 days I got it memorised. So you could probably stick it in your mirror or the dining table.

5) Use coloured pens : I’m not a much of hard worker. But I was interested to do math after I got coloured pens, every 10 sums I used to change the colour. It was a fun thing to do.

TRY IT OUT. It really works !!

Pictures source : Got it through Google.


-R Dhanushikka✨


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