Foreign Language, my interest

I was interested in learning a foreign language, like for a long long time. In school, my second language was Hindi, and on my persuasion, my parents agreed to choose French as my third language. So I learnt French for 3 years. But unfortunately, it wasn’t given that much importance in my school, my French classes would always remain noisy, and sometimes the teacher doesn’t show up, and when she does she just tries to complete the portions for the exam and leaves. So I lost my interest in French classes. But, I’m still determined to learn a new language. Then I tuned into a YouTube video to learn Spanish. It’s was great ! I’ve kind of learnt a few basics right now. Spanish is kinda really easy to learn and its closely related to English. Then I watched another video and I got more interested. So I thought I’d watch a Spanish short film to see how far I’m able to pick up the language. So, I watched it. It is then that I realised that I’ve only learnt 1% of what they speak, actually not even that much. That language, damn, is very very fast. It’s so difficult to understand. All I can understand is Si (yes). That’s it. Yet, I think the language is interesting, so I’m gonna continue to learn. I was also thinking of doing a course in Chinese. Let’s see how it goes.. 😁


-R Dhanushikka ✨


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